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Ise Jingu[Approx. 20 minutes by car]

Ise Jingu

Officially known as Jingu, the shrine is the head of the Association of Shinto Shrines. The locals endearingly call it "O-Ise-san". The shrine is a renowned power spot which is visited by many people from all over Japan.

Every 20 years, all the buildings in the Mikakiuchi such as the main temple (main central building among the various halls in the Jingu), sanctuary, mikaki are reconstructed, the apparel and treasures are renewed, and a transfer ceremony is carried out. This ceremony is called the Shikinen Sengu Ceremony and is a defining characteristic of the shrine.

Sengu is the transfer of the symbol of the kami on the occasion of reconstruction, repair or rebuilding of the main temple, and Shikinen means 'specified years'. The Shikinen Sengu Ceremony is performed in order to preserve Ise Jingu for eternity.

Ise Jingu Trivia

Ise Jingu has two main shrines. One, Kotai Jingu, is dedicated to the worship of Amaterasu Omikami. The other, Toyouke Daijingu, is dedicated to Toyouke Omikami. They are generally known as Naiku and Geku, respectively. Most people relate Ise Jingu to these two shrines. In fact, Jingu not only manages Naiku and Geku, but a total of 125 shrines including these two. One of these 125 Jingu shrines is Awamiko Jinja, which is located in the premises of Umi-no-Chou.


What is Awamiko Jinja?
What is Awamiko Jinja?
Awamiko Jinja is a small shrine under the jurisdiction of Naiku and is dedicated to "Susanō no Mikoto no Mitama no Michinushi no Mikoto", the god that protects seashores. The shrine that quietly stands in the premises of Umi-no-Chou has a solemn atmosphere and exudes dignity. Please pay a visit to the shine during your stay at Umi-no-Chou.

Okage Yokocho[Approx. 20 minutes by car]

Okage Yokocho

The time is the Edo period. Groups several million strong make pilgrimages to Ise Jingu which have come to be known as "Oise-mairi" or "Okage-mairi". The lively streets seen from the end of the Edo period to the early Meiji period have been reproduced on a vast piece of land of approximately 9,000 square meters called Okage Yokocho.
There are small alleys only seen in the Ise region (Seko) between the buildings, reconstructed in detail using traditional Japanese building methods (tsumairi), and you will feel like you have slipped back to the Edo period.
Shopping and eating can be enjoyed in shops that sell local Ise-Shima produce and specialties and in restaurants serving the tastes of Ise.

Shima Spain Village[Approx. 40 minutes by car]

Shima Spain VillagShima Spain Villag

Shima Spain Village is a resort complex operated with the theme of the shining sun, rich earth and shining ocean.

[Shows / Parades]
A lively parade with popular characters and a cast in glittery costumes. Why not dance together to lively Spanish music? The Carmen show, where you can see real flamenco dancing, is very popular!

[Attractions] [Attractions]
The inverted roller coaster, Pyrenees, is one of the longest, fastest, and tallest in the world, and the 815-meter-long mountain coaster, Gran Montserrat, is also very thrilling! The Nutcracker Illumination Ride, the Flying Circus Adventure and the Dragon's Castle Treasure Hunt are recommended for small children.

Families and couples can also enjoy learning about Spanish history in the Xavier Castle Museum, and relax in Himawari-no-Yu, a natural hot spring bath.

Toba Aquarium[Approx. About 8 minutes by car]

Toba Aquarium

The Toba Aquarium is one of the largest in the world, rearing and exhibiting 20,000 creatures representing 850 ocean and river species. The aquarium strives to preserve and nurture rare marine organisms that are in danger of extinction, and is famous for being the only aquarium in Japan that rears dugongs and manatis in pairs. There are 12 zones, and you can see the marine creatures in any order you like for as long as you like. The Seashell Collection exhibits 2,000 shells from approximately 1,000 species, including univalve shells like Syrinx aruanus, and Entemnotrochus runphii, recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most expensive seashell in the world.

And there are many other things to see!

Futami Sea Paradise
Futami Sea Paradise
An aquarium where you can interact with marine creatures. Popular creatures include dolphins, otters, and a seal which makes an "akambeh" (funny face) at visitors!
Mikimoto Pearl Island
Mikimoto Pearl Island
A pearl island, and the pride of Ise-Shima. The island, with Koichi Mikimoto Memorial Hall at its center, sells pearl products and demonstrations by female divers can be seen.
Ise Azuchimomoyama Bunkamura
Ise Azuchimomoyama Bunkamura
Samurai and townspeople with topknots and ninjas, personages that can otherwise only be seen on TV, will make you both laugh and cry at this unique theme park.
Shima Marine Leisure (Dolphin Island)
Shima Marine Leisure (Dolphin Island)
Dolphin Island is located in Ise Bay. The dolphin and seal shows are great fun, and the chance to do a high-five with a cute dolphin is a major draw!

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